logoMinor Professional Football League
Hometown: Lubbock, Texas
Home Field: Lena Stephens Field
Established: 2003
Owner: Sammy Canales

2003: 10-4 (North American Football League)
2004: 5-4 (North American Football League)

2005: 3-5 (North American Football League) 
2006: 6-4 (North American Football League)
2007: 0-5 (North American Football League)

2009: 5-6 (National Minor League Football
2010: 7-5 (Minor Professional Football League)

2011: 6-4  (Minor Professional Football League)
2012: 4-6 (Minor Professional Football League)
2013: 6-8 (Professional American Football League)

2014: 4-6 League Finalist (Southwest American Football League) 
2015: 5-5 (Minor Professional Football League)
2016: 4-7 (Rio Grande Football League)


Team History

The team, established in 2003, was originally called the Lubbock Rangers, but changed its name to the Outlaws following the 2004 season because a comment was made that some players from the team "acted like a bunch of outlaws," and the name stuck.

Notable Alumni

West Texas Outlaws News

Pre-Season: West Texas Scorpions shutout West Texas Outlaws 26-0

A few weeks’ worth of animosity leading up to Saturday’s pre-season match-up between the West Texas Outlaws and the West Texas Scorpions didn’t translate into the type of on-the-field dogfight that many developmental football fans in West Texas had anticipated as the Scorpions...