Rebuilding Southern Oregon Renegades confident despite loss


The Pacific Northwest Blizzard forced nine turnovers and shut out the Southern Oregon Renegades to the tune of 21-0 Saturday night in Medford, Ore., in a pre-season match-up.

Despite his team’s loss, Renegades head coach Rock DeMello saw several positives to take away that his team can build on.

“I liked the o-line play, we have some new o-linemen,” DeMello told DFUSA. “And the defense did excellent tonight. We have a linebacker that played for the University of Hawaii, Darryl McBride, he had six sacks tonight. Outside linebacker James Snyder had a big game and defensive end John Hawk had three sacks.”

As with any football game, win or loss, the Renegades will put Saturday night behind them and get back to work to get ready for the next one.

“Our guys are more charged up to focus and work on our mistakes from tonight,” DeMello said. “I had guys go home tonight and write down every mistake they made, we’ll bring it up in practice, focus on that and make corrections.”

The Renegades, which missed the playoffs due to injuries last season at 4-5 for the first time since their inception in 2008, have plenty of time to work the kinks out before kicking off Pacific Football League play on May 14.

“We need to just concentrate on our offensive timing and working on the timing with our quarterbacks and receivers and sharpening our reads,” DeMello said.

In two weeks, the Renegades will travel to Willow, Calif., to take on the Northern Cal Sun Devils of the United Football League in another pre-season game.

“I don’t know much about them,” DeMello told DFUSA. “It’s a brand new team that a bunch of guys have snatched off of old teams, but I’ve heard they’ve got a lot of skill guys and they’re ok on the line.”

The Renegades prefer a balanced offense, playing smashmouth football on the ground and throwing out of the spread, while running a 4-3 defense.

“We’re rebuilding, we just got a new coach that moved up from California,” DeMello said. “It’s a rebuilding year, we’ve got a lot more guys out now than we’ve ever had, but I think we have a chance to contend for the title and definitely push our division leaders for that title.”

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Rebuilding Southern Oregon Renegades confident despite loss

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