Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League
Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi
Home Field: H.T. Newell Field
Established: 2014
Owner: Mike Lloyd
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2015: 11-0 League Champions (Mid-South Elite Football League)
2016: 8-4 League Quarterfinals (APDFL)
2017: 11-1 League Champions (APDFL)

Mississippi Dynasty News

Mississippi Dynasty finish their climb to the top, holding the 2017 President’s Cup

Coming into this season, when teams were talking about who was going to make a run and win the Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League Championship in 2017, the Mississippi Dynasty wasn’t a team mentioned much. However, over the next four months, the Dynasty would...

After rolling through National Conference Championship, Mississippi Dynasty is headed to New Orleans

Saturday in New Orleans, the Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League Championship Game will be played between two teams who definitely proved last weekend they deserve to be there. In the National Conference Championship, the Mississippi Dynasty scored 41 points in...

Who will advance to the APDFL Championship?

American Conference Championship Opelika Chiefs (12-1) at Prattville Patriots (10-1) “That one is going to be a toss-up just because the Patriots beat them earlier in the season, so the Chiefs are going to want revenge for that one. I hope the Patriots win, so we can also...

Mississippi Dynasty looks to make history as they host Hiawayi Robinson Falcons in APDFL Semifinals

On Saturday, the Mississippi Dynasty will host the Hiawayi Robinson Falcons in the Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League National Conference Championship Game for a chance to advance to the league championship. For the Dynasty, they’re also looking to make...