United Independent Football League
Hometown: Fayetteville, North Carolina
Home Field: Reid Ross Classical School
Established: 2013
Owner: Alan Caudell
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2013: 8-3 (East Coast Football Association)
2014: 8-3 Division Champion (East Coast Football Association)
2015: 5-7 League Semifinalist (United Carolina Football League)
2016: 8-3 Division Champion (United Coastal Football League)

Team History

The Fayetteville Commandos have been a football organization since 2013, playing in the East Coast Football Association for two seasons before moving to the United Carolina/Coastal Football League. In 2017, Fayetteville decided to play in the United Independent Football League. The Commandos are based out of Fayetteville, North Carolina, and have a strong military presence on their team.

Notable Alumni

The Commandos have a strong history and connection to the military, so many of their players have been active duty or veterans. Notably, Fayetteville has boasted two West Virginia football players on its roster, Frankie Will-El and tight end Greg Antill, former Army-West Point wide receiver Ejay Tucker, and former University of Texas linebacker Bubba Williams.

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