Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League
Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Home Field: Noble High School
Established: 2010
Owner: Brian Kelly
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2009: 2-6 (Oklahoma Metro Football League)
2010: 7-1 League Champions (Oklahoma Metro Football League)
2011: 8-0 League Champions (Oklahoma Metro Football League)
2012: 10-0 League Champions (Oklahoma Minor Football League)

2013: 10-4 League Quarterfinalist (Gridiron Developmental Football League)
2014: 11-3 League Finalist (Gridiron Developmental Football League)
2015: 7-2 League Quarterfinalist (Gridiron Developmental Football League)
2016: 13-0 League Champions (APDFL)
2017: 7-3 League Quarterfinalist (APDFL)

Team History

Formerly the Oklahoma City Diamondbacks, the team changed its name to the Bounty Hunters following the 2012 season, which also marked the change from competing in an Oklahoma league to the national stage.

OKC Bounty Hunters News

Oklahoma City Bounty Hunters putting on some serious mileage to defend APDFL title

As the most northern and most western team in the Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League, the Oklahoma City Bounty Hunters travel more than any other organization in their league and more than most organizations anywhere at the developmental level. If they want to...