Middle Tennessee Football League (Spring)
Mid-States Football Alliance (Summer)
 Nashville, Tennessee
Home Field: Stratford High School
Established: 2016
Owner: Ricky Prochaska
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2017: 10-0 League Champions (Middle Tennessee Football League)

Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs News

Lil’ Dawgs got next

If you’ve been around the developmental football level long enough, you’ve seen it: a guy comes in with a new team, new jerseys, a cool logo and an enormous vision that includes changing lives, reaching the kids and impacting a community on his way to dozens of championships,...

After flawless first year, Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs prep for National Championship Game

Thousands have tried, but few teams in the history of developmental football have risen to the top as quickly as the Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs. Still less than one year old, the Bulldawgs are 23-0 and have won championships in two different leagues. Now, they’re gearing up to...

Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs issue open challenge: “I don’t think any team can compete with us”

The Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs do not know what it feels like to lose, because they never have. They’ve never even gotten anywhere near defeat. In their young, 10-month history, they have quickly become the most feared team on their opponents’ schedules, outscoring opponents...

Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs roll through one league, on to the next

Championships are hard to win in football as every team in a league vies for the same goal, but only one reaches it. In just their first year, the Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs took the Middle Tennessee Football League by storm this spring and finished as undefeated league...