Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League
Hometown: Prichard, Alabama
Home Field: Trimmer Park
Established: 2012
Owner: Rico Ruffin
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2012: 9-0 League Champions (Xtreme South Football League)
2013: 9-2 League Champions (Xtreme South Football League)
2014: 14-0 League Champions (APDFL)
2015: 13-0 League Champions (APDFL)

Hiawayi Robinson Falcons News

Who will advance to the APDFL Championship?

American Conference Championship Opelika Chiefs (12-1) at Prattville Patriots (10-1) “That one is going to be a toss-up just because the Patriots beat them earlier in the season, so the Chiefs are going to want revenge for that one. I hope the Patriots win, so we can also...

After taking last year off, Hiawayi Robinson Falcons now just one win away from returning to the APDFL Championship Game

After taking last season off, the Hiawayi Robinson Falcons now find themselves just one game away from getting back to the Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League Championship Game as they travel to Jackson, Miss., on Saturday to take on the Mississippi Dynast...