Washington Bulldawgs excited for inaugural season

BulldawgsFort Washington, Maryland, is getting its own developmental football team as the Washington Bulldawgs will kick off their inaugural season later this year.

“I’ve always had aspirations to be a head coach and own my own team and I decided this year was my time to start,” Bulldawgs owner and head coach Reggie White told DFUSA.

White brings 25 years of coaching experience to the table – the first 19 years in the high school ranks and the past six in the developmental leagues. Serving as a defensive coordinator for another team, White lost just three combined games during the past four years and plans for the Bulldawgs to carry on with that same level of success.

“Our mission is to win a championship,” White told DFUSA. “I believe when you come into something brand new and come in with the mentality, ‘I’m not looking to win, just trying to go .500,’ if you set low expectations, there’s nothing to shoot or work for.

“The way I look at it, you’ve got to be running 100 miles an hour, that’s how I feel. We don’t want to have an expectation that we’re not going to win that much because we’re a brand new team. No, I’m looking forward to having a winning season, a successful season and anything less than a championship is not acceptable for me. At the end of the day there can only be one champion, but why can’t it be us?”

The Bulldawgs have already put together the core of its roster and will be expecting big things out of a few key players on defense, which will run a 40 front and be called by White.

“Lorenzo Fisher, he’s a defensive back, 6-foot-1, 185 pounds,” White said. “He played at a junior college in Ohio and Kennard Pollock. He plays middle linebacker for me. He’s about 6-foot, 250 pounds. He played college ball at Bowie State University. I’m really counting on those two. I have some other guys that are really stout too, but I’m really expecting a lot from those two.”

Offensive coordinator Ray Phillips will lead the charge for the Bulldawgs and his system is designed to get the ball into the hands of several different playmakers.

“It will be a multifaceted offense,” White said. “A lot of teams line up and are trying to go to the spread offense, but they don’t have spread offense players. I think in the spread offense, they have a quarterback and a go-to receiver, but no blocking schemes, no running game.

“I want to have a multifaceted offense. Not calling it a spread, not calling it a Wing-T. A lot of times tight ends become blocking backs and don’t get an opportunity to make plays. In our offense, if you can play and have a skillset, we’re going to use you. We don’t just key on one particular guy. We have our go-to guys, but the system is designed for everyone to happy. When it’s run like that, there’s not a lot of complaining about guys not getting the ball.”

Despite being part of a highly successful team before, certain things led White to start the Bulldawgs.

“I want to bring back the overall discipline of running a football team,” White told DFUSA. “One thing I find on this level, you can have good teams, but sometimes the we let the accountability aspect slip away or sweep it under the rug just to win.

“Players try to run the team and come to practice when they want to come. Then if they don’t choose to show up, they don’t see the penalty or the consequence. They show up and still play. That’s something on this level I dislike, the lack of accountability. If you want to play on Saturday, you come to practice. You already know what you’re dealing with, but you have to sacrifice. People have families and people have jobs, but we sign up on a volunteer basis and we make a commitment to do what we said we would do.”

White has seen first-hand what happens when a team lacks accountability and that’s why he’s making that an emphasis with the Bulldawgs.

“It breaks the camaraderie, you’ve got these practice players that give their all, pay their dues but on game days they are slighted and don’t get to show what they can do,” White said. “I saw that culture for the past six years and decided I didn’t want my team to be like that. I want to provide that structure and that discipline that guys haven’t seen since their high school or college days.”

The Bulldawgs haven’t decided if they will join a summer league or a fall league, but several different leagues have been in contact with the team.

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Washington Bulldawgs excited for inaugural season

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